Science System detailed for The Settlers Online

By Jeffrey Davis
science system detailed for the settlers online

Ubisoft has detailed the next skill system for its browser-based MMORTS The Settlers Online. The Science System, which will be progressively rolled out as of June 13, will add several new production chains, buildings and resources that will take full advantage of the new skill system. To build out these resources, special tome, codex and manuscript supplies will be required, with the more specialized resources obviously being dependent on the more sophisticated of the required materials. For example, Bookbinders require fittings to produce their product, which come from the Ornamentalsmith, along with the requisite paper and printing types which respectively come from papermills and lettersmiths.

Of course, some types of printing material are more advanced than others. As such, you'll have to invest in three different papermill specializations ranging from the simplified to the more advanced paperworkers. Each of these individual buildings has five upgrade levels to complete, and provides four individual skill trees, of which only three are dedicated to the subject at hand (the geologists, generals and explorers) while the fourth specifically refers to your home island. The geologist specialization will come first in the pecking order, with the remaining two set to roll out by year's end.

In addition to the science system, players will be able to name their own individual specialists in the game as of the update. And if that's not enough, players who have been active in the game in advance of the update will automatically receive a free bookbinding glue bonus on the rollout date. So there's plenty to get excited about here, so keep it locked to MMO Play for additional updates on this and other news and information regarding The Settlers Online.


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