The Settlers Online News

The Settlers Online adds scenarios
Winter is now over, and spring is in the air. While April showers are supposed to bring May flowers, The Settlers Online browser mmo is bringing some new content to its players. Players can look forward to gathering Easter eggs during the game's Easter event, and there is also the addition of The Settlers Online scenarios for players to undertake and complete.The latest build of The Settlers Online adds scenarios to the game as well as updati...
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Mar 18 2015
The Settlers Online Christmas event begins
The latest update for The Settlers Online brings some holiday cheer to industrious players in the browser mmo. Players can add some decorative touches to their island and take part in holiday-themed adventures as The Settlers Online Christmas event for 2014 is now live. The game will modify some graphics to celebrate the season and the event lasts through January that will feature two removal phases: the first on January 8th while the second will...
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Dec 11 2014
the settlers online halloween 2014
Another year, another spooky Golem-thrashing Halloween event in The Settlers Online. Having kicked off today, The Settlers Online annual Halloween event brings back all the usual content from years past. But mmo developers also threw in a batch of fresh treats like an exclusive new building, new buffs and a new boss fight.Productivity in the free no download mmorpg should off during this wily holiday event. Players will be using their trick ...
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Oct 15 2014
the settlers online pvp mode test
The Settlers Online PvP Mode gets one step closer to live implementation with its rollout on the international test server. Along with the PvP mode, developers also allowed test server participants to preview the enhanced battle system.The PvP mode lets players of the browser mmo to embark on so-called PvP expeditions in special generated adventure islands. Players will need to steel themselves for strong resistance. Other players will try to...
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Sep 27 2014
The Settlers Online Adds High-Level Content
The Settlers Online: Castle Empire, the browser-based online strategy game from Ubisoft and Blue Byte, has recently added some new content for high-level players. First off, we have Epic Raids, which an official press release gives this description of: "In Epic Raids, five new adventures hit the game, each of them referring to famous fairy-tales. The brave little tailor, a new NPC, assigns players quests which will guide them through the first e...
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Aug 06 2013
science system detailed for the settlers online
Ubisoft has detailed the next skill system for its browser-based MMORTS The Settlers Online. The Science System, which will be progressively rolled out as of June 13, will add several new production chains, buildings and resources that will take full advantage of the new skill system. To build out these resources, special tome, codex and manuscript supplies will be required, with the more specialized resources obviously being dependent ...
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Jun 07 2013
Settlers Celebrates 20 Years
The beloved Settlers series may have launched 20 years ago, but it's still going strong to this day in the form of browser game The Settlers Online. In that time, the franchise has racked up over 9 million sales. Now, gamers aren't exactly known for their attention spans, so keeping any game franchise alive for two decades is no small accomplishment. Ubisoft Blue Byte realizes this, and is throwing a party inside of The Settlers Online: Castle E...
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Jun 28 2013