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  • The Settlers Online: buildings

    The Settlers Online: buildings
    Place buildings to increase production. Sawmills should be next to trees....
    The Settlers Online: buildings

    The Settlers Online: Build a sawmill

    The Settlers Online: Build a sawmill
    Quests will give you rewards that you can use to continue playing and will guilde new players through the first few hours of gamep...
    The Settlers Online: Build a sawmill

    The Settlers Online: Mayor's house

    The Settlers Online: Mayor's house
    In time, you will be able to upgrade your Mayor's house....
    The Settlers Online: Mayor's house

    The Settlers Online: trader

    The Settlers Online: trader
    Gems can be used to trade and purchase extra resources....
    The Settlers Online: trader
  • The Settlers Online: Geologist

    The Settlers Online: Geologist
    Specialists, like the Geologist, can find extra resources. Go find some stone!...
    The Settlers Online: Geologist

Construct your very own medieval kingdom in the first MMO adaption of one of the biggest RTS franchises of all time, The Settlers Online: Castle Empire. This MMORTS title boasts some of the most impressive features available for a free to play title in this genre, and best of all, there's no huge client to download or lengthy sign up process. Players can sign in with their Facebook account and join the fight using any modern internet browser.

Unlike other MMORTS games, The Settlers Online does not focus purely on PvP, instead the game takes the ingredients that made The Settlers games such a vital franchise for the RTS genre, and combines them with MMO elements to create a totally unique MMORTS experience. Every player is given their own personal island, a small piece of land filled with resources, quests and challenges. It is up to each player to expand their village, constructing more buildings, training more troops and inviting more people to live in their colony.

When you begin building your colony, you only have access to a small corner of your island. In order to expand further you must gather resources and hire an explorer to check out other areas of the island. As your explorer unlocks more of your island, enemies and other units will appear that you will have to defeat in order to continue to expand your village.

The Settlers Online quests work in a similar way to other MMORTS titles, offering a progressive quest system that expands from a tutorial state, to hard-to-achieve objectives. Players will be taught the basics of the game, such as how to build and gather resources, before they access more difficult quests such as creating special buff items or expanding their island.  

The Settlers Online: Castle Empire is still in its beta stages, but the game publisher has already said that they will be adding a variety of interesting features in coming months, such as intense, highly tactical PvP matches and a unique, player ran economy, built around an in-depth trading system.

By Rachel Rosen


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