The Lost Titans enters second beta phase, adds a bunch of new content

By Michael Jamias
the lost titans second beta

The Lost Titans moves to the second beta phase bringing along a platoon of new pets, mounts, tutorials, bosses and PvP features.

The Lost Titans will also receive an expanded VIP level system, as well as holiday-themed events and sales surrounding the Easter and April Fools’ Day celebrations.

The progression to second beta marks the end of the four-month first beta, where developer ZQGame accumulated fan feedback that led to these additions and improvements.

“With the next phase players will see a more balanced in-game economy and better localization, along with new content,” promised ZQGame.

Five in-game events will be held throughout the free no download mmorpg for the month of April. Players can join the Me N’ My Buddy screenshot contest, participate in the Hide and Shriek as a murderous GM runs loose in the PvP Zone of the Arts, and join a fun family quiz night in the mmo known as the Faction Feuds.

Players requesting for a name change feature should be satisfied at least for a while with the free character rename scrolls that will be handed out through the Troll Ophion’s Forces event. The character rename is for one time only though, so players are advised to think long and hard before committing to their new moniker.


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