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By Tam Mageean
the lost titans launch

After 6 months of vigorous beta testing, GBE and ZQGames have announced that The Lost Titans launches fully tomorrow.

The no download mmorpg has had a successful beta run, with events and giveaways galore, and their Halloween Carnival currently in full swing with EXP and loot givaways, galore. Although it launches tomorrow, the dev team will still be hosting polls and customer feedback sessions on the forums, in order to find potential improvements for future updates.

The Lost Titans tells the story of Aristos, a fantasy realm governed by 2 titans; Hyperion and Ophion. It's your mission to band together and track down the missing Hyperion, who's absence has thrown all of Aristos into chaos. Fans of their mythological fantasies will be treated to ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman inspired friends and foes to test your skills; from titans, to giant scorpions, to winged pegasi.

The Lost Titans Screenshot

Launched through the ZQGames site, home to titles such as Crystal Saga Origins, the free mmo features beautiful 3D browser graphics, vast and varied landscapes to roam through and a comprehensive character customization system, where you can improve and adapt your Warrior, Ranger or Mage in the hunt for your missing Titan.

Check out The Lost Titans on ZQGames, or via their Facebook app today, and get ready for the launch.


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