The Lost Titans News

the lost titans launch
After 6 months of vigorous beta testing, GBE and ZQGames have announced that The Lost Titans launches fully tomorrow. The no download mmorpg has had a successful beta run, with events and giveaways galore, and their Halloween Carnival currently in full swing with EXP and loot givaways, galore. Although it launches tomorrow, the dev team will still be hosting polls and customer feedback sessions on the forums, in order to find potential improveme...
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Oct 30 2013
the lost titans second beta
The Lost Titans moves to the second beta phase bringing along a platoon of new pets, mounts, tutorials, bosses and PvP features. The Lost Titans will also receive an expanded VIP level system, as well as holiday-themed events and sales surrounding the Easter and April Fools’ Day celebrations. The progression to second beta marks the end of the four-month first beta, where developer ZQGame accumulated fan feedback that led to these additions and...
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Apr 04 2013