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  • The Lost Titans: Classes

    The Lost Titans: Classes
    There are three classes to choose from: mage, archer and warrior....
    The Lost Titans: Classes

    The Lost Titans: Graphics

    The Lost Titans: Graphics
    The game has outstanding graphics for a browser based mmorpg and animations to support them....
    The Lost Titans: Graphics

    The Lost Titans: Customization

    The Lost Titans: Customization
    Even though the game only has three classes there's lots of customization options for your hero and gear....
    The Lost Titans: Customization

    The Lost Titans: Quests

    The Lost Titans: Quests
    At the end of certain quests you will be ranked based on timing and rewarded by choosing one of three cards that will benefit you....
    The Lost Titans: Quests

The Lost Titans Gameplay First Look

The Lost Titans Gameplay First Look

The Lost Titans - Trailer

The Lost Titans - Trailer

The Lost Titans (TLT) is a no download MMORPG, developed and published by ZQGame. The adventures take place in a fantasy world called Aristos. This world is created by Hyperion and Ophion, two powerful titans. Ophion rebelled and conceived a plan to get rid of Hyperion and rule Aristos alone. His plan was almost successful. Fortunately, City of Lights learned of this rebellion in time and was able to dispatch courageous heroes to stop Ophion. Players take the role of these heroes. Besides City of Lights, Aristos has 3 more continents. Grecia is inhabited mostly by artists and philosophers and has a weak military force. Atlantea faces an unknown danger. The Coral, the pillar of Atlantea, is in a visible state of decline and no one knows why. Heliopolis is a military state with best trained soldiers and mercenaries. Military development was achieved by sacrificing demographics and economy.

There are 3 The Lost Titans class types. The Warrior has a strong constitution and is a great melee fighter. He can act both as a tank or dps dealing aoe damage. The Ranger is a dual class. Equipped with a bow, he can inflict massive amounts of damage or support his team mates. Having a Ranger in a party gives a buff that increases movement speed. The Mage is a great class for crowd control and defensive buffs for the whole team. The main The Lost Titans free MMO objective is defeating Ophion. In order to make this happen, The Lost Titans characters must advance through quests and upgrade their gear and skills. Having a common purpose doesn’t mean that all heroes share the same views. The Lost Titans players are organized in factions (houses). Members of different factions fight each other in PvP wars. House choice is important and that’s why is postponed until level 15. By then, players can get familiarized with all 3 houses and decide which one suits them best.

The 3 The Lost Titans factions are: Levidis, Kalgeris and Vendramin. House Levidis members are wise diplomats and traders. House Kalgeris is focused towards military development and industry. Those who join House Vendramin are driven by economic ambitions. The Lost Titans free no download MMORPG supports guilds. Players are encouraged to group up and take down enemies as a team. PvP content is also a big part of The Lost Titans gameplay. For massive PvP encounters, players will join factions and guilds battles. Arena matches are 1 on 1 duels. Top 20 players receive daily rewards. It’s a constant challenge to stay among the best The Lost Titans PvPers.

By Rachel Rosen




The Lost Titans has a lot going for it visually when compared to the dearth of shoddily made free browser games out there. Environments have a pretty and polished sheen, and are brimming with particle effects.

The Abandoned Lava Mines is one of the early-level dungeons in The Lost Titans.


Leaves falling from trees, weeds swaying to the wind – these and other effects are really well done and are nice to look at -- and are arguably the most impressive thing about The Lost Titans. For lower-end PCs, this might lead to noticeable lagging due to the relatively high detail graphics, but newer rigs that can run an MMORPG that’s been released in the past couple of years should be able to handle it easily.

Gear fans though will be quite disappointed at the lack of variety in weapons and armor. Although your avatar changes its look when equipping new gear, there is little to choose from at the outset and you will spend a long time looking like the identical twin of other adventurers. This is disconcerting especially when the NPCs boast of a more diverse set of looks.

Pets are humongous in size, towering over your character.

Pets in The Lost Titans are huge, often towering over your hero character.

This is not something you see very often in mmorpg games. The gigantic appearance of each pet can make your character feel small and insignificant. This was probably intentional design to make pets seem especially formidable and impressive, and make more players want to spend real cash for them.

The Lost Titans cash express shop lets your purchase treasure boxes, equipment upgrade runes and shards, as well as other special consumables.

You can adjust the basic display settings and pick which elements will show on your game screen, such as quest NPCs, nearby players and other elements. But the resolution and screen size are fixed.


The Lost Titans has pleasant music tracks which change with every new zone. This helps break up the monotony somewhat, but more discerning audiophiles will no doubt dismiss the tracks as generic fantasy filler. Still, the compositions are far from repellant to the ears, and can even be charming for those who prefer melodic and wistful tunes. You can adjust the volume of environmental sounds, skill sounds, background music and event sounds. Or if you so choose, play the game totally mute.


The Lost Titans poses the standard dilemma for heroes: Will you step up with the world slowly dipping into chaos? It all begins with the disappearance of Lord Hyperion, who is rumored to have been betrayed by the Elder Titan Ophion. As a trainee Warrior of Light, you must first pass the test before helping defend Grecia from growing threats from monsters and investigating what has truly happened to Lord Hyperion.

A dragon ride in the beginning of the The Lost Titans will make you yearn for a similar flying mount.


In The Lost Titans, you can pick from among three playable classes – Warrior, Ranger or Mage -- all typical hero archetypes that most rpg fans should be familiar with.

A close-up of the Warrior class, a melee fighter type and one of the three playable classes in The Lost Titans.

Warriors charge into the front lines to deal primarily melee damage with bursts of area damage, and boast relatively higher attack and defense. Rangers use bows to snipe enemies at a distance, capable of kiting melee attackers or taking down squishy targets with deadly precision. Mages harness elemental magic to deal massive area damage but are the most vulnerable to enemy focus fire.

One thing you will quickly notice about The Lost Titans is that there is fastest leveling class. All three classes can quickly take down groups of mobs and bosses. The game is very easy, in the sense that most battles will find you spamming skills and defeating the enemy without even having to worry about evading counterattacks or managing mana or health resources. You rarely get dangerously low on health, and in the few times you do, you can simply gulp down HP potions. Some hardcore rpg fans may even call the game a pushover difficulty-wise, and it will be hard to argue against otherwise.

Even if combat is a cinch though, the game rewards very low experience from grinding mobs. Quests are the way to go if you want to move up quickly in levels. Luckily – or unluckily depending on your stance on automated scripts –there’s an auto-routing feature that lets you find quest givers without any trouble at all. Think of it as an in-game GPS system for quests.

Running through dungeon instances is also a great source of fast XP. If you complete instances fast enough, you can also earn StarSouls, which can be used to upgrade skills. You can only earn StarSouls once per instance per difficulty setting. Completing an instance unlocks harder difficulty settings, such as Nightmare mode.

You can run dungeons in The Lost Titans to earn StarSoul rewards, bonus XP and a treasure chest of consumables.

Are StarSouls crucial to powering up your character? Yes. There is no other way to upgrade your skills other than spending StarSouls, which are earned from completing instances. You will also find the urgent need to upgrade your gear to gain higher combat ratings.

In The Lost Titans, upgrading equipment is one of the most vital methods for powering up your character.

Only by improving your gear will you unlock certain features such as the right to summon pets to battle. Pets are powerful allies which significantly boost your damage output.

Grind starts to creep up in The Lost Titans at the higher levels as the Kill X quests start to become more frequent. Some repeatable quests, while providing great XP for the time spent, often just ask you to run around the map visiting NPCs without actually doing anything of value. This might be seen as some players as a cheap grind tactic. There are even AFK training posts which give free XP while your avatar hits the training post while you go do some homework or eat dinner.

You can go AFK and still earn XP in The Lost Titans by parking your character in front of a training post, which he or she will then hit each time for bits of XP.

The game tries to introduce some variety to the usual dungeon-and-grind routine through special quests and events for the day. You can join these by clicking the upper-right reminder corner icons that pop up on the upper right portion of your user interface. Make sure to take them on out since they hand out handsome XP, currency and item rewards often for little to no effort at all. Some though may require you to spend on the cash shop, but these are completely optional.

Unique Fun Factor

The Lost Titans poses little resistance to the player. It is almost impossible to die in combat, leveling is a breeze, and quests are spoon-fed to you. There are even tutorials which help make sense of the convoluted gear, pet and mount management systems – the three notable features in the game which are even slightly troublesome to master. Everything else is straightforward. This makes The Lost Titans an extremely casual-friendly browser game that should appeal to those looking for an online rpg that will serve fast character progression on a silver platter.


- Eye-catching environment and avatar graphics for a no download mmorpg
- Tutorials are actually instructive and helpful
- Intricate story that draws you in if you give it a chance and give rhyme and reason to your heroic adventures


- Can get quite laggy
- Occasional pathing and looting bugs
- Fights are too easy; you can win just by spamming spells without regard for combat positioning or attack timing


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