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  • The Crims: profession

    The Crims: profession
    Pick the profession that best suits your criminal style. Each job excels at certain aspects in The Crims....
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    The Crims: nightlife
    The nightlife is the place to hit the party scene, meet other players, and possibly figure out targets to whack or rob....
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    The Crims: business
    After you earn plenty of money, you can start your own business. Time to save for my own nightclub!...
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    The Crims: casino
    The casino is one way to earn a little extra coin if you want to play games of luck. The dealer may or may not be cheating!...
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The Crims, developed and published by The Crims Team, is a no download MMORPG where players will experience the life of a gangster. Players can choose one of the 70 available portraits for their The Crims avatar. All the action happens in Crim city. This location is full of criminals and gangsters and you will be one of them. The end goal is to be the best and earn respect. The respect earning formula is based on various parameters like: intelligence, charisma, tolerance and total gained money. The Crims is a game that sometimes uses strong language so it's not recommended for younger players.

Players can select what kind of The Crims criminal they want to play. The Gangster is a good gang leader, has a better drug resistance but is not very skilled with weapons. The Businessman is the best class for trading and has intelligence and tolerance as important stats. The Hitman has best weapon, assault and robbery skills. The Robber is similar to Hitman but has better planning skills and spends less time in jail if caught. The Crims Pimp class probably needs to introduction as it's pretty clear how a pimp gets around. In order to win as much respect as they can in one The Crims round, players must perform all sorts of actions. As one can guess, most of these actions are illegal. All actions cost stamina. Once you have met a player you can assault him. Being part of a gang makes assaulting more challenging. Robbery is another The Crims action that will earn players money and respect. You can choose to rob stores or people, even an innocent old lady. Pimps can go check out their working girls and collect their share. Arms and drugs dealing are allowed in The Crims free MMO. You can become a drug supplier if you have your own The Crims lab. Businessmen can own nigh clubs and brothels. The Crims players can equip armors and weapons. Sometimes, robberies or assaults end bad and players can get hurt or caught. The hospital is the place where you can heal your injuries. If you feel lucky you might want to try the casino to get some easy money.

Credits are The Crims premium currency. They can be used to purchase all sorts of in game advantages. The Crims is among the browser games designed to be played in fast rounds. If a player is inactive for more than 10 minutes, he or she is automatically logged off. One of the reasons The Crims is so popular is that it rewards top players with real money prizes.

By Rachel Rosen

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