Terra Militaris begins playtest of “Firearms” expansion on February 28

By Michael Jamias
terra militaris firearms expansion playtest

This gives Terra Militaris fans roughly a month to play-test new Firearms expansion before it goes live on all servers in early April.

The Firearms expansion introduces gunpowder to the real-time strategy mmorpg, allowing players to train elite riflemen called Hackbuteers as well as construct cannons. Both of these explosive new units add interesting new choices to how players can conquer their enemies.

Terra Militaris will also see a new pet system released in the Firearms expansion. Players will be able to tame, train and summon creatures to battle.

Crating also gets a boost in the new expansion. Smithing and cooking have been added, with the former enabling players to equip their troops with potent arms while the latter provides all-important grub to troops that can boost their morale and stats.

The Firearms expansion also expands the core features of Terra Militaris to make it one of the meatier rts games on the market. Building and research levels have been increased to 25, and the hero level cap has been raised to 120. The expansion also rolls out the grand 10 vs. 10 battle system, which is sure to ignite fresh rivalries between the warring nations.


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