Terra Militaris Firearms Expansion Introduces Gunpowder Units

By Michael Jamias
terra militaris firearms expansion

Terra Militaris activates the new Firearms expansion this Fall and blows open a new set of Gunpowder units, new buildings and new features that makes the strategy browser mmo more explosive.

Publisher gPotato said that the Firearms expansion “adds the era and destructive power of gunpowder to the history-based strategy gameplay of Terra Militaris” when it releases simultaneously on English, French, German and Polish servers in the coming months.

“Thanks to the gunpowder, players will now be able to additionally train the so-called Hackbuteers, specially trained and armed riflemen, and build cannons, that surely will improve their tactical options and winning stakes,” added gPotato.

The Firearms expansion also enables a mound of new features, including the pet system that allows warlords in the mmorts to tame, train and summon creatures to aid them in battle.

Firearms also decimates the tired, old crafting system and injects it with smithing and cooking features. The smithing feature expands the weapon and armor options players can equip to their troops, making fight preparations and combat planning more important than ever. Meanwhile, the cooking features demands that each player keeps their troops well-fed or risk losing against a food-boosted army.

The hero level cap also rises to 120 while building and research levels increases to 25. If you’re worried that this will slow down the game, don’t. The MMO will put in place an option for faster era progression to enable quicker-paced sessions.


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