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terra militaris firearms expansion playtest
This gives Terra Militaris fans roughly a month to play-test new Firearms expansion before it goes live on all servers in early April. The Firearms expansion introduces gunpowder to the real-time strategy mmorpg, allowing players to train elite riflemen called Hackbuteers as well as construct cannons. Both of these explosive new units add interesting new choices to how players can conquer their enemies. Terra Militaris will also see a new pet s...
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Feb 26 2013
terra militaris firearms expansion
Terra Militaris activates the new Firearms expansion this Fall and blows open a new set of Gunpowder units, new buildings and new features that makes the strategy browser mmo more explosive. Publisher gPotato said that the Firearms expansion “adds the era and destructive power of gunpowder to the history-based strategy gameplay of Terra Militaris” when it releases simultaneously on English, French, German and Polish servers in the coming months....
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Sep 10 2012