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  • Terra Militaris: buildings

    Terra Militaris: buildings
    Terra Militaris allows a little more freedom than some games. Instead of having empty plots to build on, you can build anywhere in...
    Terra Militaris: buildings

    Terra Militaris: military

    Terra Militaris: military
    Recruit your military from the Barracks....
    Terra Militaris: military

    Terra Militaris: recall

    Terra Militaris: recall
    Send your heroes to battle with your military. It takes time to reach enemy units. It also takes time to recall them....
    Terra Militaris: recall

    Terra Militaris: hero

    Terra Militaris: hero
    Heroes level up. Remember to equip them, upgrade equipment, and spend stat points as the game progresses....
    Terra Militaris: hero

Terra Militaris is a free no download MMORPG that features four of the greatest civilizations in history, Egypt, China, Persia and Rome. Players get the opportunity to rewrite history taking control of one of the four great nations and helping them progress through various Era's from the savage primitive Era to the infamous Imperial Era.

As is traditional with MMORTS games, your power is measured by your ability to collect resources and recruit an army. Although resource gathering works in normal way for the genre, with players constructing certain buildings to increase resource income, there's also a unique aspect utilizing trade routes. Terra Militaris world is huge and every city requires different resources. What may be abundant in one area of the map may be practically unheard of in another. This allows players to train merchants and travel between towns buying certain goods that sell higher in other places.

Terra Militaris also includes a great combat system, mainly down to the fact that every nation has their own unique troops, making each and every battle a strategic challenge. Players are able to attack groups of NPC bandits, battle it out with thousands of other players, or lay siege to some of the most famous cities in history.

Players have more options than just war, instead they can opt for diplomacy and religion. Forge alliances with other players to spread your area of influence, or you can gather enough resources to construct great temples that effect the surrounding cities attitude towards your nation.

Terra Militaris uses a great Hero system that allows players to recruit a Hero from a tavern to be the general of their army. Each Hero has their own unique set of stats which improve as they increase in level, players can also find and purchase a large variety of items to equip to their Hero, improving them in almost all areas.

By Rachel Rosen


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