Tata Blitz rushes into month-long June open beta

By Michael Jamias
tata blitz open beta june

The cartoony third-person MMO shooter Tata Blitz is holding an open beta until June 30.

Fans can access the Tata Blitz Open Beta by registering at the game's website, and experience the new items, features and functions in the transition from closed beta.

Tata Blitz has added free gifts that scale up the longer a players stays logged into the browser mmo.

The new refinement system also allows dedicated fans to refine their equipment to better quality, more power-packed versions. Like in other mmorpgs, the quality upgrade will be marked with a color change in the equipment name.

Battle maps will also be busier and riskier than ever. There are now more traps that can hurt the careless player, while more tactical shooters will be rewarded with a powerful advantage for picking up the more numerous buffs scattered across the maps.

Meanwhile, cash shop lovers will experience less headaches when browsing for their favorite purchases. The online shop has re-arranged equipment according to their grades, allowing for quicker and more informed buys.

To celebrate the Tata Blitz Open Beta, developers are holding three special events. These include a Newbie Training event made to encourage and reward fast leveling among new players; the Saving the World! Event that offers rare items for downing the hardest bosses available; and the GM Party! Event where game masters will randomly appear in Deathmatch rooms to interact and shower prizes.



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