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  • Tata Blitz: Character Selection

    Tata Blitz: Character Selection
    Very limited selection, you can choose between a single male and female character....
    Tata Blitz: Character Selection

    Tata Blitz: Story

    Tata Blitz: Story
    The story is surprisingly nice and helps connect combat scenarios to a greater purpose....
    Tata Blitz: Story

    Tata Blitz: Gear

    Tata Blitz: Gear
    As an MMO, there's a wide variety of weapons and gear to modify your character with....
    Tata Blitz: Gear

    Tata Blitz: Combat

    Tata Blitz: Combat
    The linear movements can be frusturating at times and the combat animations may be simplistic but work for this game....
    Tata Blitz: Combat

Tata Blitz Gameplay First Look - HD

Tata Blitz Gameplay First Look - HD

Tata Blitz, developed and published by Gogogogo.com, is a browser MMO that plays like a third person shooter. Tata Blitz has cartoonish graphics and an interesting story. As we all know doomsday was supposed to happen on 12.12. 2012. According to Tata Blitz story, this doomsday prophecy wasn’t fake, it was a special team that prevented it from happening. Doctor Max is the leader of a 5 members group called Sneak. These are the Tata Blitz heroes that delayed doomsday. Unfortunately bad things can still happen and now players have to help Sneak members stop the evil forces that work to end the world. Although Tata Blitz story seems quite gloomy game adventures are presented in a comical manner and overall style is fun and casual.

The game world is divided into Tata Blitz maps. Each one has a unique theme. Players will travel to Egypt and see the pyramids and also get lost in Dracula’s castle. There are swamps to explore and many more interesting areas to visit. It’s important to learn Tata Blitz combat mechanics before adventuring into unknown lands. There are lots of mobs that can attack at any time. Tata Blitz free MMO allows players to use different kinds of attacks. Melee, ranged or mixed attacks can be used. Players need to decide which one to use depending on a given situation. An offensive ability can deal one of the three types of Tata Blitz damage: plane, line or point. Tata Blitz combat mechanics aren’t too complicated but it takes time and practice to become an experienced fighter. There is a wide selection of Tata Blitz weapons available. A weapon has 2 primary attributes: range and type of dealt damage. Players that prefer ranged attacks should choose a rocket launcher, machine gun, pistol and so on. Grenades and smoke bombs are also available. Daggers are suitable for melee combat.

Everyone wants a unique look so character customization is an important Tata Blitz feature. There are lots of outfits to choose from. Players can mix and match and come up with all sorts of costumes. Tata Blitz is one of the browser games that have both PvE and PvP content. For PvE challenges there are 3 difficulty settings. There are various maps and each one has different boss encounters. Team deathmatch and capture the flag are Tata Blitz PvP modes. Team deathmatch is a scenario where 2 teams fight each other to the death. When playing capture the flag mode players have to collect flags that spawn on the map. Victory goes to the team that manages to capture and return 15 flags. Tata Blitz has 2 types on currency. T-Coins are in game money obtained by taking part in game activities. T-Cash is Tata Blitz premium currency.

By Rachel Rosen


Tata Blitz rushes into month-long June open beta

The cartoony third-person MMO shooter Tata Blitz is holding an open beta until June 30. Fans can access the Tata Blitz Open ...
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