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  • Tanoth: adventures

    Tanoth: adventures
    Adventures lead to battles where you can get rewards like money, items, and experience. They take time to travel to....
    Tanoth: adventures

    Tanoth: pvp

    Tanoth: pvp
    You can engage in player vs player battles. Here I beat a level enemy. I wonder why my stats are higher. Oh well, a win is a win!...
    Tanoth: pvp

    Tanoth: merchant

    Tanoth: merchant
    Head to the merchant to sell off old items and buy new ones....
    Tanoth: merchant

    Tanoth: work

    Tanoth: work
    When you will be away from the game for a time, set your character to work. He can earn money even when you are offline....
    Tanoth: work

Tanoth is one of the free browser games developed and published by Gameforge. Tanoth is similar to Bitefight but it has a medieval theme. Tanoth has a bit of a story behind it. Aris, a country left without its rightful ruler, is going through hard times. Tanoth story doesn't influence gameplay. Registration takes just a few seconds. Players have to input an email address, a password and a name for their character. Tanoth starts with a tutorial that can be skipped. There are a few options for the character's portrait. On the right side of the screen there is a panel with tabs. Each character has main 4 stats: strength, dexterity, constitution and spell power. The main stats influence the secondary stats. A stat can be trained by spending gold. Stats can also receive temporary boosts. Wearing equipment increases stats too. Characters can keep track of their heroic deeds, adventures, battles, work performed and cleared dungeons.

Tanoth players can go on adventures to earn experience and gold. There are multiple adventures. The maximum number of adventures a player can do daily is 5. The adventure happens automatically. After the time runs out, players get a report with combat statistics. PvP in an important aspect in Tanoth mmo. Players can choose a random or specific opponent. The PvP battles are also automatic. To gain extra gold and experience, players can work. The more time spent working, the better the rewards. New weapons and armor can be bought at the merchant. Normal items cost only gold. Special items cost gold and bloodstones. From the alchemist players can purchase potions and runes. Potions give temporary boosts to your primary skills. Runes can be inserted into equipment. Characters can own mounts in Tanoth. There are simple mounts that only increase traveling speed. Advanced mounts also help you in battles. For example, owning the thunder bird increases your spell power by 5% and reduces enemies intelligence by 5%.

Players familiar with browser games like Bitefight or Gladiatus will get used to Tanoth quickly. The gameplay isn't different at all. Tanoth is focused on PvP. There aren't many things to do in Tanoth if one is not a PvPer. Combat in Tanoth is an automatic process. It doesn't require any action from the player. The only things players need to worry about are stats and gear. Tanoth is free to play but it has a cash shop. Players can get a special currency (bloodstones) in exchange for real money. This currency can be traded in game for gear and upgrades. Although Tanoth is a simple game, it's highly addictive.

By Rachel Rosen

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