New Tamer Saga features hope to make each pet relevant

By Michael Jamias
tamer saga pet savvy sigil systems

The new Max Savvy and Pet Sigil systems seek to make each Tamer Saga pet more powerful, competitive, and useful than ever.

MMORPG developer-publisher PopPace are hoping that these two features will address concerns that certain pets were becoming worthless.

“Before pets’ max savvy system is released, each pet in Tamer Saga possessed fixed upper limit of savvy,” PopPace said. “It means that two pets of the same type don’t have much difference in power and it is no way for common pets to defeat those pets evolved from mini pets. But now, the brand new pets’ max savvy system will offer players a chance to largely enhance their pets.”

“It is no need to discard a useless pet which has companied you for a long time. Even the weaker fairies can become helpful assistants in battles,” PopPace added.

Under the max savvy system, Tamer Saga trainers can continuously upgrade any pet in their roster through items obtained via the cash shop or Boss Arena battles. Only level 20 or above pets can be enhanced to increase their max savvy, with the upper limit of savvy determined by each pet’s level.

Meanwhile, the Pet Sigil system allows you to convert surplus pets that would have gathered dust into stat-enhancing sigils. Sigils can be worn by your favorite pets to provide them with combat boosts, and different sigils can be combined for more powerful effects.

Sigils should create more interesting pet management options in the free no download mmorpg: Will you keep a pet and possibly train it in the future, or convert it into a sigil for your other pets to wear proudly into battle?


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