Tamer Saga reveals the power of character emblems

By Michael Jamias
tamer saga character emblems

Learn which of the five character emblems will boost your damage against Humanoids, Beasts, Sprites, Demons and Dragonkin.

Tamer Saga developer and publisher PopFace said that the five character emblems will provide damage boosts versus two of the five enemy creature races.

For example, the Knight Emblem will be able to increase damage on Demon and Dragonkin creatures throughout the browser mmo. The four other emblems follow a similar pattern as follows:

- Beast Emblem: deal more damage on Humanoid and Dragonkin creatures.
- Sprite Emblem: deal more damage on Beast and Humanoid creatures.
- Demon Emblem: deal more damage on Sprite and Beast creatures.
- Dragonkin Emblem: deal more damage on Demon and Sprite creatures.

Since one emblem can be active at a time, Tamer Saga players will need to learn when to swap between the five emblems based on the type of enemy they are facing. The MMO hosts a variety of foes belonging to all five enemy creature races, so it will be best for the player to collect and upgrade all five emblems whenever possible. Upgrading the emblems also come with a bonus privilege of being able to summon a creature as a pet, with the success of the summon dependent on the emblem level.


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