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tamer saga character emblems
Learn which of the five character emblems will boost your damage against Humanoids, Beasts, Sprites, Demons and Dragonkin. Tamer Saga developer and publisher PopFace said that the five character emblems will provide damage boosts versus two of the five enemy creature races. For example, the Knight Emblem will be able to increase damage on Demon and Dragonkin creatures throughout the browser mmo. The four other emblems follow a similar pattern a...
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Mar 20 2013
tamer saga pet savvy sigil systems
The new Max Savvy and Pet Sigil systems seek to make each Tamer Saga pet more powerful, competitive, and useful than ever. MMORPG developer-publisher PopPace are hoping that these two features will address concerns that certain pets were becoming worthless. “Before pets’ max savvy system is released, each pet in Tamer Saga possessed fixed upper limit of savvy,” PopPace said. “It means that two pets of the same type don’t have much difference in...
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Jan 01 2013