Tales of Solaris declares cross-server war

By Jeffrey Davis
tales of solaris cross server war

If you're playing Tales of Solaris over the next several in-game seasons, you'd better watch out 'cause it's going to be one big-time in this browser MMO. And not just between random players taking on other players, either - no, this is a Tales of Solaris all-out war between players registered to opposing servers. Based on the server for your time zone, you and several other players on that particular server will have a chance to shove it onto the denziens of any number of opposing servers located in the same time zone as yours in special war areas built for the purposes of challenging the best players out there to see who's boss of them all.

Of course, this has to be a fair fight so not just anyone can volunteeer themselves to the cause. Specifically, you need an 8,000 point minimum rating in your combat abilities before you're eligible for recruitment. Once you're eligible for duty, simply enter the battle zone at any minute from 9:00-10:00PM on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, with the third saturday of the season being the last stand for the highest ranked players of that season's conflict, Eligibility for that last-ditch effort is determined by a points tally set at 1,000 to start, with 10 extra points for victory and a 1% deduction for defeat, and every fight is a no-holds barred effort until the very last showdown when it's all down to just fists, swords, and only three chances to get back in the fight when you're toasted up. And if you're not doing good enough to make that final conflict, those points don't have to go unused - they can be put towards other things from a rewards list if you so choose.

Tales of Solaris is currently in open beta for anyone to play, and the addition of this open warfare between opposing servers will make things even more interesting going forward. We'll have continuing coverage of this and other browser games - and everything else MMO - so keep it locked here as always.


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