Tales of Solaris opens the gates to Colosseum mode

By Michael Jamias
tales of solaris colosseum mode

Pets in Tales of Solaris can start scratching and biting each other for glory in the game's new Colosseum mode.

The Tales of Solaris Colosseum mode is a pet battle system with two arena settings: The Joy Colosseum is limited to the local server and requires 1v1 pet matches while the Zeal Colosseum which is a cross-server arena that allows up to three different pet types.

The Joy Colosseum works under a match challenging system. Players can challenge any pet in the rankings but if a lower ranked player manages to defeat them, then their pets will switch rankings. The system seems designed to discourage players from bullying lower-ranked players at the risk of losing their places in the ladder.

Ladder positions are particularly crucial because these serve as the basis for handing out special rewards. The ranking prizes are handed out once per day and can be claimed from the Colosseum Bag, The top three players in the ladder will receive special gift packs as well.

Meanwhile the Zeal Colosseum represents a harder challenge for mmo fans. Players will have to compete not only with rivals in their own servers but in other servers also. The rewards though scale upwards to make the challenge worth the trouble.

Players in the Zeal Colosseum will have the choice of fighting one of five teams matched to them, and like in the Joy Colosseum, the winner takes the loser's rank (provided it is higher.)

Zeal Colosseum though has a minimum entry requirement of 5,000 Combat Power, which means newbies in the browser mmo should first focus on strengthening their pets.


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