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tales of solaris colosseum mode
Pets in Tales of Solaris can start scratching and biting each other for glory in the game's new Colosseum mode. The Tales of Solaris Colosseum mode is a pet battle system with two arena settings: The Joy Colosseum is limited to the local server and requires 1v1 pet matches while the Zeal Colosseum which is a cross-server arena that allows up to three different pet types. The Joy Colosseum works under a match challenging system. Players can chal...
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Jul 15 2013
tales of solaris cross server war
If you're playing Tales of Solaris over the next several in-game seasons, you'd better watch out 'cause it's going to be one big-time in this browser MMO. And not just between random players taking on other players, either - no, this is a Tales of Solaris all-out war between players registered to opposing servers. Based on the server for your time zone, you and several other players on that particular server will have a chance to&n...
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Jul 05 2013