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Swords of Divinity is a free MMORPG no download developed and published by R2Games. It's a casual game that caters to two categories of gamers: veteran MMORPG fans and new players. Swords of Divinity gameplay features traditional systems such as class based character development, story driven missions, leveling and multiplayer activities. Four classes are available. Knights are melee fighters with great defensive capabilities. Mages excel at area of effect spells and other kinds of magic attacks. Archers specialize in single target damage. Swords of Divinity has Priests as support class. These characters have some offensive spells but their main role is to heal allies. Each class has a set of unique spells.

Characters performance in battle depends on combat power. Swords of Divinity offers several ways to increase this attribute. Equipment such as armor or other gear boost combat power. There are different types of equipment categorized by rarity and stats. Gear can also be upgraded. Wings and artifacts are special items that can be equipped to boost combat power. Swords of Divinity is one of the MMORPG games that have a companion system. Players can recruit mercenaries as combat helpers. Each mercenary is a unique character with specific skills and perks. Just like the main hero, mercenaries can be upgraded. Mercenaries will also increase combat power. The Tavern is the place from where mercenaries are recruited. Three types of mercenaries (common, rare and legendary) are available. Players can recruit any mercenary as long as they have the necessary recruiting tokens. Mounts are another game system that helps players become better fighters. Swords of Divinity has turn based combat system and battle formations. Players can arrange their squad in different formations. This positioning will make the difference between winning and losing a battle. More formation options are unlocked when players level up their main character. Taking part in game activities rewards XP and various items such as gear and currency.

Varied PvE and PvP activities are available. Story driven quests allow players to discover what's happening in the fictional realm of Malfa. These quests are the best way to obtain XP. Swords of Divinity is one of browser MMO games that have weekly quests. It's possible to team up with other players for weekly quests. Daily missions are available as well. An escort quest called Escort Fairy requires players to save the fairy from terrible beasts. Swords of Divinity also has events where players have to defeat bosses. PvP duels take place in the arena. Cross server PvP allows players from different servers to fight each other. Swords of Divinity is available as a browser game on the official R2Games website and as a Facebook app.

By Rachel Rosen

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