Sword Girls Plunges Into Season 2 with All-New Faction Leaders

By Michael Jamias
sword girls season 2

Sword Girls enters its Season 2 storyline with four new main characters, but Season 1 characters will continue to be playable cards.

All four Sword Girls factions will be receiving new leaders starting over the weekend – Detective Asmis for Vita, Linus Falco for Academy, Crux Knight Rose fro Crux, and Helena K Sink for Darklore.

Sword Girls developer Zeonix provided a short description of each new main character for the no download mmorpg. We’ve taken the best excerpts below:

Detective Asmis - If she seems familiar, she's actually a returning minor character from the first season of Sword Girls. She was savagely beaten by Agent Fourteen. Asmis survived, but the wound on her head was cursed to never heal. She needs to find a way to lift the curse while prying into forbidden knowledge.

Linus Falco - When Linia took control of the Academy at the end of Season 1, she started to target witches for enrollment. Linus Falco is one of these new students. However, Linia isn't someone to be trusted, and her actions certainly serve some darker purpose. When Linus discovers Linia's true motive, can she really stand up to the leader of the Academy herself?

Crux Knight Rose – When Linia, her eldest sister, discovered Rose was a witch, she was exiled from the family and forced to take up a life of wandering. Rose found a girl in the forest who lost her memory and decided to protect her. Together, Rose and the girl, who she called Veltier, joined the Crux Knights. While Crux abhors witches, who would ever suspect that a witch would be hiding among their own?

Helena K Sink –Helena K Sink leads the Aletheians, a faith that worships the God of Truth and opposes the Goddess of Miracles. Helena herself is said to hear the voice of God, and under her leadership, the Aletheians have been working hard to spread their beliefs and recruit more faithful to the cause.
In addition to the new main characters,

“There will be new cards, an all-new Muspelheim dungeon, and various other game improvements,” added Zeonix, who is also the maker of the online card battle MMO and browser games, such as Fantasy Masters and Ragnarok TCG.

Read the complete Season 2 patch notes here.


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