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  • Sword Girls: followers

    Sword Girls: followers
    My followers are going to town on the Enchantress. I just killed all of her followers and started beating on her....
    Sword Girls: followers

    Sword Girls: tutorial

    Sword Girls: tutorial
    You can learn the basic mechanics of the game by reading the tutorial. Sword Girls is a fairly straight forward CCG that relies on...
    Sword Girls: tutorial

    Sword Girls: dungeon

    Sword Girls: dungeon
    Enter the dungeon to unlock new cards and gain experience....
    Sword Girls: dungeon

    Sword Girls: Trickster

    Sword Girls: Trickster
    MMOPlay defeats the Trickster in 4 turns....
    Sword Girls: Trickster

Sword Girls is an online collectible card game (CCG), that combines the popular tactics and strategies involved in a CCG with a number of exciting MMORPG mechanics. Sword Girls is a no download mmorpg offering beautiful anime inspired artwork for each and every card and attractive female characters all created by over 30 high profile anime artists.

Another unique feature you won't find in any other CCG game is the card crafting system. Players can gather a huge variety of materials from fighting, including both PvE and PvP fights. These materials can then be combined to create a vast array of powerful cards. This unique system adds a lot of depth to Sword Girls with players trying to learn where to find the rarer materials in order to create the strongest cards. Almost all of the 500 available cards can be crafted using a certain selection of materials, offering players an alternative if they don't wish to pay for the more expensive cards.

Sword Girls provides activities for fans of PvP and PvE combat, appealing to gamers from all walks of life. The PvP is what you would expect it to be, intense duels against other players with cards, materials, experience points and in-game currency on the line. The PvE is a little more varied, offering players a challenging experience against a number of A.I opponents. The most exciting aspect to the PvE in Sword Girls is the dungeon system. There's dozens of dungeons available in the game, all of which provide players with different enemies and challenges. Tackle the difficult monsters of the dungeon and emerge victorious from an intense boss fight to earn rare rewards such as cards, card materials and experience points.

Sword Girls enjoys regular updates that always add fresh new content. New cards, dungeons, crafting materials and other in-game features are added on a regular basis, creating a constantly evolving game world fully supported by the developers.

Sword Girls mixes a large variety of popular MMORPG features with the time-tested tactics and strategy involved in a CCG title, creating one of the most innovative games available on the internet.

By Rachel Rosen


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