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  • Supermacy 1914: revenge

    Supermacy 1914: revenge
    Our mission? To take back our province and get revenge. That's what they get!...
    Supermacy 1914: revenge

    Supermacy 1914: buildings

    Supermacy 1914: buildings
    Each province will need buildings to earn bonuses. A recruitment office will give me 100% increased recruitment in this province....
    Supermacy 1914: buildings

    Supermacy 1914: cannon

    Supermacy 1914: cannon
    We're not finished with our revenge. Our cannon takes a pot shot at a neighboring enemy province....
    Supermacy 1914: cannon

    Supermacy 1914: propaganda

    Supermacy 1914: propaganda
    Invaded provinces may not like you right away. You can use your currency to start a propaganda campaign to win over the hearts and...
    Supermacy 1914: propaganda

Supremacy 1914 is a free to play browser RTS game title set during the conflict filled era of World War I. Supremacy 1914 gives you the opportunity to become leader of a nation and attempt to dominate the demoralized countries of Europe. Whether you wish to rule with an iron fist or carefully deploy intricate diplomatic strategies, your aim is to destroy anyone that opposes you until you eventually become the most dominant military force in all of Europe.

You can choose to represent 1 of 30 different nations, all of which are unique in as many ways as possible. Each nation has access to different military options such as combat units and research technologies, different nations can also use different diplomatic approaches. Supremacy 1914 is set on a historically accurate map based in the early 1900s. Each move, conquest, battle and trade is done on a fully real-time map environment, creating a unique version of World War I.

If you wish to use military might as your weapon of choice, you won't be disappointed. You can select the units for your army from a large array of possible tanks and infantry. Each unit is unique based on the nation they belong to and all have their own specific styles, strengths and weaknesses. If you're more the diplomatic type, Supremacy 1914 includes a large selection of exciting features for you to use. The most exciting of these is the spy feature. You can recruit a unit that is able to spy on your opponents, this has many uses. You can learn what kind of military strategy they're building, allowing for you to construct a counter offensive. You can also find out what resources they have to trade and what areas they're looking to expand into.

Supremacy 1914 includes other exciting features such as an extensive player rankings system, allowing you to instantly find out how you compare to the rest of the players. There's also an interesting badge system which rewards players with titles and other goodies should they be able to complete certain tasks and objectives.

By Rachel Rosen

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