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  • Super Mechs: attack

    Super Mechs: attack
    Choose between melee or ranged attack or moving when it is your turn to act....
    Super Mechs: attack

    Super Mechs: reward

    Super Mechs: reward
    Winning battles will give you experience and SM to spend....
    Super Mechs: reward

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    Super Mechs: inventory
    Remember to equip new and upgraded equipment. Drag new items into your inventory....
    Super Mechs: inventory

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    Super Mechs: level
    As you gain levels you can purchase new gear....
    Super Mechs: level

Super Mechs is one of those browser games that can keep players entertained for hours. Super Mechs is developed and published by Tacticsoft Ltd. This gaming company is also known for Battle Dawn strategy game. Super Mechs has a really simple gameplay. Player can create mechs and battle other players or play matches against the computer. Super Mechs can be played as a registered user or as a guest. Most likely you will start as a guest and end up creating an account. Guests cannot battle human opponents. Registration only takes a few minutes. Mechs are some sort of robots that can be customized. The gameplay may be simple but Super Mechs has a complex customization system.

Players will spend their time in the Super Mechs workshop and on the battlefield. Super Mechs features a turn based combat. Players have 2 action points per turn. Super Mechs battle participants can walk towards their enemies and use weapons. Every action performed consumes a Super Mechs action point. When your enemy is in close range, you can perform a special offensive attack without using weapons. An action bar with the available actions is displayed. Each time an action is performed, heat capacity is spent. Energy is another Super Mechs resource that regenerates with each turn. Energy is regained also when shutting down engines. Players can deal physical, explosive and electric damage. There are 3 types of Super Mechs resistances. Super Mechs weapons use bullets and rockets as ammo. A Super Mechs mmo match ends when one of the opponents reaches 0 HP. The victorious player receives XP and SM (in game currency). The other Super Mechs important feature is the workshop. This is the place where Super Mechs players will customize and upgrade their mechs. Several parts of a mech’s body can be changed. Players can choose different items for torso, legs and weapon slots. Each mech can carry and use 2 weapons at a time. An important characteristic to look for in a Super Mechs weapon is range. This will allow you to damage your opponents without having to get close to them.

After level 10, players can gain another type of Super Mechs currency. Platinum is earned from winning online matches against human opponents. Super Mechs has a ranking list that displays all players and their performance. Players can add their Super Mechs buddies to a friends list. Super Mechs browser mmo has 2D graphics. Although the gameplay is simple, Super Mechs is a very addictive game.

By Rachel Rosen

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