Marvel Super Hero Squad Online hits the 4 million player mark

By Michael Jamias
superhero squad online 4 million players

Super Hero Squad Online celebrates the milestone with expansion of US servers to Europe. The free browser game is revamping the official game portal,, to accommodate those flocking from across the Atlantic.

The redesigned will serve as the home site for European players, “creating an even more entertaining, immersive and social experience,” said developer Gazillion Entertainment and Marvel Entertainment in a release.

“Breaking 4 million registered users is a tremendous achievement for Marvel Super Hero Squad Online and for Gazillion Entertainment,” said David Brevik, President and COO of Gazillion Entertainment, given that the superhero mmorpg just launched in 2011.

Part of the game’s massive appeal comes from its iconic selection of more than 80 playable superhero characters, including pop culture icons such as Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, Wolverine and Captain America.

Super Hero Squad Online is a mission-centric mmorpg which pits players against the notorious villains of the Marvel comic book universe. It has also set itself apart by catering to kids as a family-friendly game, and offering a fun mix of combat encounters, world exploration, arcade games and card collection and battles. Each player also gets access to his or her own customizable headquarters.


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