Super Hero Squad celebrates 6 million members

By Tam Mageean
super hero squad free week

GG's Superheroes! Gazillion Entertainment are are giving everyone a free week's unlimited subscription as thanks for all your heroic efforts on it's junior MMORPG. The game is free to play already, but the pass unlocks all of the subscription, and limited edition rotation characters too.

Based on the Marvel toon toys and TV-series, Super Hero Squad Online launched less than a year ago, and has already gathered six-million registrations. The weeks' unlimited access will grant you exclusive content, in particular, access to its huge arsenal of chunky, colorful characters.

super hero squad roster

Additional characters that free users will get to play with include; Black Widow, Deadpool, Iron Patriot, Goliath, Guardian, Hawkeye, Indestructible Hulk, Hulkbuster Iron Man, Mark One Iron Man, Nick Fury (Avengers and Classic), Quicksilver, Shadowcat, Secret Wars Spider-man, Tuxedo Thing, Ultimate Thor and War Machine! Phew!

To redeem your free week, head over to and enter 6MILPLYRS into "the redeem a game code" box. The free unlimited pass is open to new players too, so register now! The more new players they get, the more likely you'll see another free pass come around soon.

super hero squad screenshot

If you feel this iteration is too young for you, be sure to check out out Gazillion's flagship MMO, Marvel Heroes.


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