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  • Super Hero Squad Online: wheel

    Super Hero Squad Online: wheel
    Spend tickets that you find in the world to spin the wheel. You can get gold and silver to unlock extra heroes or get other tiems....
    Super Hero Squad Online: wheel

    Super Hero Squad Online: heroes

    Super Hero Squad Online: heroes
    Heroes cost gold. You can get money from spinning the wheel, completing missions, or just from purchasing from the game store....
    Super Hero Squad Online: heroes

    Super Hero Squad Online: explore

    Super Hero Squad Online: explore
    Explore the world to find missions, coins, and other items....
    Super Hero Squad Online: explore

    Super Hero Squad Online: missions

    Super Hero Squad Online: missions
    Missions give you a chance to fight with enemies and earn extra rewards....
    Super Hero Squad Online: missions

Super Hero Squad Online Gameplay

Super Hero Squad Online Gameplay

Super Hero Squad Online is a free no download MMORPG based around the iconic Marvel universe. Super Hero Squad Online provides all of your favorite MMORPG mechanics such as leveling, learning new abilities, unlocking extra characters and completing quests, all delivered in a high quality, graphical world of Marvel. The game is primarily aimed at a younger gaming audience but the large array of features combined with the Marvel theme means it can appeal to any superhero fan.

Super Hero Squad Online allows players to form their own group of heroes called a squad, your squad as a whole levels separately to each hero within you squad, creating multiple areas of progression. There are dozens of iconic Marvel superheroes to add to your squad including Spider-Man, Hulk, The Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer, X-Men and many, many more. Certain heroes also have access to more than one type, such as Spider-Man having access to the symbiotic suit, changing his appearance and abilities, creating for even more variation of possible squad members. Each squad levels individually, all unlocking more abilities and emotes as they progress, but you're not restricted, you can change heroes between missions or at any time while exploring the game world.

As well as collecting your own squad of heroes, Super Hero Squad Online also provides your heroes with their very own secret headquarters aboard the famous S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier. There are a large number of rooms in your headquarters such as meeting room, sleeping quarters and activity room. You can unlock and discover dozens of objects to place inside your headquarters from beds and decorations to wallpaper and exercise equipment. Your heroes will interact with each-other, share food and even redesign the headquarters themselves.

Super Hero Squad Online also includes a plethora of other exciting activities such as instanced missions, fighting some of the most villainous bad guys available in the Marvel universe, or the highly in-depth card game. The card game allows players to construct their own deck of superhero themed cards and then battle against friends using tactics and strategy, all supported by real-time, high quality animations and abilities.

By Rachel Rosen


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