Stronghold Kingdoms releases Third Age update

By Michael Jamias
stronghold kingdoms third age

Stronghold Kingdoms has entered the Third Age and it comes with hectic new rule sets and advanced features.

Lords and Ladies of Stronghold Kingdoms will now have to grapple with an overall busier gameplay as the Third Age update ushers in increased caps for villages, more parish building upgrade levels and faster honor production.

The Glory Race now also takes noticeably longer to complete, allowing for twists and turns to keep mmo players from falling into complacent rule of their sovereigns.

Developers confirmed that the Third Age is specifically designed to quicken the game and expand their empire-building options, especially with the advanced new diplomacy and trading features that also came with the update.

Diplomacy now comes with an advanced tag feature that allows players to flag Factions and Houses as Enemies, Neutrals or Allies. This makes it easier than ever to see a diplomacy snapshot of the whole map, and to plan strategic alliances or plays that will turn the free browser mmo on its head.

Meanwhile for trading, players will be able to save their favorite markets and quickly search for best market prices, which combined should make economic domination that much easier for those who put in the effort. It should be noted though that this feature is available only for premium accounts.


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