Stronghold Kingdoms launch vid sums up the castle MMO

By Michael Jamias
stronghold kingdoms launch video

Stronghold Kingdoms’ release trailer shows the range of medieval fun to be had in the free browser mmo, from building settlements to waging siege battles.

We see here that Stronghold Kingdoms is a persistent MMORPG, where thousands of other Lord and Lady gamers will be building their own villages and keeps alongside yours. Players can take on the role of a farmer, trader, diplomat or warlord the exploration, commerce and combat mechanics in the game.

Exploration comes in the form quests, which will hand out rewards after their successful completion. Commerce is conducted through resource trading with other settlements. This can pave the way for friendships and alliances, which should come in handy when attempting to conquer to fend off would-be invaders.

Combat takes place in the form of a castle siege, with defending lords fielding archers and fortified defenses to repel attacking lords. Players will also have to worry about the larger macro game, where alliances can plot to control a whole region of the game world.

Stronghold Kingdoms combines classic strategy browser game mechanics with a few twists. It offers resource management and tech tree advancement that will unlock buildings and technologies, while allowing players to use powerful strategy cards that provide bonuses to your village.


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