Stronghold Kingdoms gets a taste of gunpowder in Fourth Age update

By Michael Jamias
stronghold kingdoms fourth age updates

Castle sieges will become explosive with the introduction of gunpowder -- and a new gunpowder-enabled defensive weapon, Bombard -- in the newly released Stronghold Kingdoms Fourth Age update.

Bombards are a powerful, albeit unreliable, defensive structure to protect your mmorpg base from its assailants.

"This new weapon fires randomly and therefore lack a certain degree of accuracy, however it makes up for this with the ability to deal splash damage!" said FireFly Studios on the Stronghold Kingdoms Bombard arsenal.

Bombards can be unlocked through the new Military School, and represents a new era in technological warfare in the online castle free no download mmorpg.

Developers reassured conservative fans that the introduction of gunpowder does not mean that the series will stray away from the medieval period, which is one of the most defining features for the Stronghold Kingdoms series.

But it also didn't mean that the game wouldn't evolve, which led to the decision to launch gunpowder -- something new but still in proximity of the medieval era.

Aside from gunpowder, the Fourth Age update also increases the amount of villages that can be owend, a reset to all Market prices, and faster army speeds, to name a few.


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