Stronghold Kingdoms releases hardcore Domination World

By Michael Jamias
stronghold kingdoms domination world

The popular mmo real-time strategy game gets a serving of hardcore with Domination World.

Domination World, a new speed world lasting for just 100 days, promises vicious tactical competition as players fight for glory of their House and individual standings. The winning House and Top 10 players of each leaderboard by the end of the 100 days will receive the best prizes.

Think of Domination World as a limited-time, special rules server that comes with its customized gameplay rule set. If you're considering joining Domination World, then expect a wilder, faster-paced game.

Build speeds have been quadrupled, for instance, and research completes twice as fast. First village Peacetime has also been reduced to 3 days, leaving precious little time for you to shore up your defense against would-be attackers, which can now also include your backstabbing faction allies.

Conflict is also encouraged by the abolition of the penalties related to sending Pillage, Ransack, Vandalise or Capture attacks on other players at the same Rank or higher.

Given these unique play parameters that invalidate some of the proven Stronghold Kingdoms tactics, even tactical browser games veterans will have to plan and scheme more carefully to outplay their opponents.


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