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Stronghold Kingdoms review
The Middle Ages has proven a popular era for strategy games, and there are some good reasons for this. While the so-called Dark Ages has been popularized by notions that people lived a miserable existence amid plagues and constant conflict, the reality is far more nuanced. It was a time of great change as strong-willed individuals could become rich or powerful through trade or conquest, and the nation-states we're familiar with today began to ari...
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Apr 14 2016
stronghold kingdoms mobile trailer
It's no secret that Stronghold Kingdoms is planning an invasion of iOS and Android devices. And developers have sent out a trailer to serve as a herald for the upcoming mobile mobilization this summer. Watch the Stronghold Kingdoms mobile version trailer below to know the three major roles that you must fulfill well on your quest to build a mighty empire:By mastering the ways of the farmer, trader and warlord, strategy fans will be able to e...
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Mar 16 2016
stronghold kingdoms island warfare expansion
Stronghold Kingdoms takes to the sea with the new Island Warfare expansion pack. The Stronghold Kingdoms Island Warfare expansion lets the lords of the strategy mmo to fight over 38 tropical islands and make sure their ships survive the temperamental sea weather conditions.Sea weather conditions change on a daily basis. One day the sea can be calm and perfect for a full fleet attack and the next it is so stormy that attacks will be slowed do...
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Feb 05 2016
gamescom 2015 stronghold kingdoms ios announced
Stronghold Kingdoms is finally coming to the iPad and iPhone. After building up quite an empire on the PC and Mac, the Stronghold Kingdoms iOS look to expand the strategy mmo's dominance on mobile devices as well. Firefly Studios dropped the news during gamescom 2015 along with a Stronghold Kingdoms iOS announcement trailer:"The full game is now coming to iPad and iPhone with bespoke touchscreen controls and cross platform play with million...
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Aug 08 2015
stronghold kingdoms christmas update
Scouting takes on a premium importance this merry month as the Strongholds Kingdoms Christmas update showers the mmorpg with loot-filled Resource Stashes. Developers will be sprinkling the lad with Christmas-themed Resource Stashes and players who first scout each Stash will be able to uncover the hidden hold, strategy cards, card packs and other treasure. The Stash can then be scouted a second time for more normal loot like wood, stone and othe...
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Dec 02 2014
stronghold kingdoms fourth age updates
Castle sieges will become explosive with the introduction of gunpowder -- and a new gunpowder-enabled defensive weapon, Bombard -- in the newly released Stronghold Kingdoms Fourth Age update. Bombards are a powerful, albeit unreliable, defensive structure to protect your mmorpg base from its assailants. "This new weapon fires randomly and therefore lack a certain degree of accuracy, however it makes up for this with the ability to deal splash d...
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Mar 07 2014
stronghold kingdoms european warfare
The European Warfare update has been announced for and is coming soon in Stronghold Kingdoms. Firefly Studios said the update will introduce the Europe single game world, the grandest in scale yet in the popular medieval castle browser mmo. The upcoming European game world boasts of 32 countries, allowing for some pretty crazy, large-scale warfare. It also has more player villages, countries and Kings than all previously launched game worlds. ...
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Jan 31 2014
stronghold kingdoms domination world
The popular mmo real-time strategy game gets a serving of hardcore with Domination World. Domination World, a new speed world lasting for just 100 days, promises vicious tactical competition as players fight for glory of their House and individual standings. The winning House and Top 10 players of each leaderboard by the end of the 100 days will receive the best prizes. Think of Domination World as a limited-time, special rules server that come...
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Nov 13 2013
stronghold kingdoms third age
Stronghold Kingdoms has entered the Third Age and it comes with hectic new rule sets and advanced features. Lords and Ladies of Stronghold Kingdoms will now have to grapple with an overall busier gameplay as the Third Age update ushers in increased caps for villages, more parish building upgrade levels and faster honor production. The Glory Race now also takes noticeably longer to complete, allowing for twists and turns to keep mmo players from...
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Jun 07 2013
stronghold kingdoms launch video
Stronghold Kingdoms’ release trailer shows the range of medieval fun to be had in the free browser mmo, from building settlements to waging siege battles.We see here that Stronghold Kingdoms is a persistent MMORPG, where thousands of other Lord and Lady gamers will be building their own villages and keeps alongside yours. Players can take on the role of a farmer, trader, diplomat or warlord the exploration, commerce and combat mechanics in th...
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Oct 18 2012