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  • Street Mobster: npcs

    Street Mobster: npcs
    You may notice plenty of NPCs on your street. You can have fun with them in many ways. Let's steal his phone....
    Street Mobster: npcs

    Street Mobster: success

    Street Mobster: success
    Succeeding at tasks gives you many rewards. That phone netted us some money and reputation....
    Street Mobster: success

    Street Mobster: rackateering

    Street Mobster: rackateering
    Mobsters new to 'the business' may not want to try rackateering yet. Chances are, the business owners will not take you seriously....
    Street Mobster: rackateering

    Street Mobster: minigames

    Street Mobster: minigames
    There are mini games to play in the casino that can win you extra money. How about some Black Jack?...
    Street Mobster: minigames

Street Mobster is a mafia themed no download MMORPG based on the criminal underworld. Street Mobster is published by XS Software. It is arguably one of the best looking browser based mobster games on the internet, featuring high quality pictures and game world graphics similar to that of an early Habbo Hotel. Players take on the role of a criminal that has just been released from jail, starting over again in a crime filled world with little more than the cash in your pocket. You must lie, cheat and steal your way to the top to gain respect from other criminals and gangs.

There are tons of activities in Street Mobster so players never find themselves short on choice. Every criminal begins with their own street, this is where you will begin to develop your criminal empire. On your street you'll find various stat boosting objects such as a coffee machine that increases your stamina. There's also houses that you can rob and civilians that you can mug for cash, steal their phone, or even join in with their activities.

Players must also attend a gym regularly to keep up their fitness levels, increase their strength and gain more respect from other players. Players get access to a new skill point every 15 minutes and can choose to train in a variety of ways, from lifting weights and dumbbells to hiring a chemist to give you that illegal edge. It's not just about muscle, players can also choose to spend their skill points at the local school, choosing intellect as their main weapon over that of muscles.

You can also choose to venture off into nearby neighborhoods to rob other streets civilians or threaten the stores into a protection racket. Both of which can offer you a substantial cash income as well as boosting your overall respect level.

Street Mobster also offers a hotel feature where players can create their own chat rooms, these are a perfect place to meet like-minded criminals to help you in your conquest of the city streets.

By Rachel Rosen

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