Starlight Story moves into closed beta chapter

By Michael Jamias
starlight story closed beta

The free no download mmorpg Starlight Story turns a page closer to release.

Interested closed beta testers can sign up at

In-game events will be run during closed beta, offering rewards to the top players for each class and those with the highest battle rankings, according to developer Aeria Games.

Starlight Story weaves a tale of a dying planet and of the heroes that will attempt to save it through the use of magic and technology.

Customization is a central feature in this latest browser mmorpg from the publisher and developer of Eden Eternal, Tribes Ascend and more than a dozen other online games.

Players will be able to use so-called “Superstar transformations” that developers said “can completely change a character’s appearance and abilities at will.” Basically, these transformations function as character templates from which players can choose to switch among based on the combat situation.

Collectors will also find a home in Starlight Story with its extensive line-up of combat pets. Players can customize the stats on both their characters and pets through the Astro system.

Starlight Story will offer its fair share of PvE and PvP content. PvE fans can keep themselves occupied with dungeons and world bosses, many of which will require group effort to overcome, while PvP fans can join grueling arena team matches.


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