Star Trek: Alien Domain Christmas Giveaway

star trek alien domain christmas giveaway

star trek alien domain christmas giveaway

MMO-Play has teamed up with Gamesamba to give away free Star Trek: Alien Domain Christmas keys

Star Trek Alien Domain xmas Giveaway Banner

Each code Will Grant You the following:

1. Deuterium Box (x2)

2. VIP Card (x1)

3. Key-C (x1)

4. E-Crystal Box A (x3)

5. Officer Exp-Card (L) (x2)

How to redeem your key:

1. Get your Star Trek: Alien Domain OBT key by signing in below with your Facebook account or filling in the form below with your MMO-Play username and password. If you don't have an MMO Play account, just register here.

2. Go to and login to your account. If you don't have an account yet, please go to and click on "Sign Up" on the upper right corner to create a new account

3. Click on GAME START.

4. Click on ITEMS in the lower left section of the game.

5. In the ITEMS windows, click CODE, then enter your key.

6. Enjoy!

Giveway is expired.

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