Star Supremacy Rolls Out Hype Events for New Expansion

By Michael Jamias
star supremacy new expansion

Newest version of Star Supremacy coming “very soon” with hype events scheduled to usher in the expansion.

For one month, from August 13 to September 13, Star Supremacy will be hosting a social media event where fans can like the browser mmo on Facebook as well as follow it on Twitter. The prize? The chance to win an iPod Touch, in-game items and currency.

CM_Zardon laid down the rules of the iPod Touch contest with a task checklist for fans:

  1. Like the Star Supremacy Facebook page or follow the game's Twitter account
  2. Like the event panner posted on either site (bonus points for sharing to friends)
  3. Reach level 15

As a participation prize, Star Supremacy players who complete the above steps will earn 200 b-credits, which can be spent to purchase valuable resources in this free no download mmorpg.

There are three other expansion events scheduled. One is the Post-Olympics event which asks players to post screenshots upon registration to Barbily, running until September 13. The other is a Level Up event where players can send in screenshots of their characters. Players with the highest level charcters will win up to 1,00 b-credits. The last is a Pirate Raid event where users can also send in screenshots of successful pirate raids for a chance at 200 b-credits in the sci-fi MMORPG.


Star Supremacy comments:

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