Star Supremacy launches Faction Battle with generous time capture rewards

By Michael Jamias
star supremacy faction battle rewards

Star Supremacy will award increasingly massive resources, champion boxes and blueprint boxes the longer players capture the Space Fortress.

Under the new Faction Battle system, the three factions in Star Supremacy clash for control of the Space Fortress. But with generous time capture rewards, fans of this free mmorpg will be working twice as hard to defeat their rivals and capture the one and only Space Fortress in the chosen planet.

Taking control of the Space Fortress for even just 1 hour will unlock ample rewards such as 20K-50K of Food, Ore and Fuel which can be used to get ahead of the browser mmorts game.

Those who can hold on to the Space Fortress for even longer periods of 3 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours and 16 hours will receive increasing rewards.

A 3-hour capture, for example, yields a junior Champion Box and a purple or red Leader Card. This goes up to the maximum prize for a 16-hour capture, which offers the coolest prizes of a super Champion Box, Colony Ship Blueprint Box, a Resource Bundle, BOSS Ship Blueprint Box to get the might God Wind ship, Royal Fighter and Black Pearl.

Developers remind though that alliances that do not set a dispatch point will not be qualified for Faction Battle, so players are advised to comply accordingly.


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