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  • Star Supremacy: Choosing a Leader

    Star Supremacy: Choosing a Leader
    After account creation we must choose a leader for our colony....
    Star Supremacy: Choosing a Leader

    Star Supremacy: Base Layout

    Star Supremacy: Base Layout
    When deployed we get to see the area by which we will build our colony....
    Star Supremacy: Base Layout

    Star Supremacy: Research

    Star Supremacy: Research
    Initially I focus on increasing research to help support in the fight for survival....
    Star Supremacy: Research

    Star Supremacy: Armies

    Star Supremacy: Armies
    We can see the multiple variations of troop types, we will need to get to know this section....
    Star Supremacy: Armies

Star Supremacy is a browser mmorts, developed and published by Barbily Games. Like the name suggests, Star Supremacy has a sci fi theme. Registration is easy and takes less than a minute. Players can choose a faction and their commander’s portrait. There are 3 factions to choose from: UEO, Altairian and Seeker. Every faction is different. The chosen faction will influence gameplay. UEO is for those who like jumping into battle without much planning. Altairian faction is for the players with a more strategic approach. Seeker faction has better resource production. The Star Supremacy commander can be either male or female. Each of the 6 available commanders has a short introduction. Star Supremacy starts with a 5 minutes tutorial. It teaches a bit about the research system, building construction and combat basics. In Star Supremacy, each player is in charge of building and maintaining a colony.

Star Supremacy is an rts game at core but it also has a commander development feature. Commanders have stats that can be increased. They also have a skill system and they can wear equipment. Star Supremacy commanders gain experience and level up. One of the ways players can get gear and experience for their commanders is by completing instances. Each instance has 3 difficulty settings: easy, hard and legendary. Best rewards come from completing the instance on the highest difficulty level. Players have an option to view their fleet action at any moment. The fleet panel shows fleets engaged in combat, fleets in garrison, trading fleets and fleets that are on their way back to colony. Star Supremacy browser mmo has a research system. There are 3 research branches: colony research, ship research and general research. Star Supremacy has daily quests and missions. Completing a quest or a mission rewards players with resources and other items. Players can raid mines to get more resources. One of the most important aspects of Star Supremacy is building a fleet. The unit selection is impressive. Units can be customized and improved using the research feature.

Combat in Star Supremacy is turn based. During a round, commanders can choose a battle tactic. There are offensive and defensive tactics. Like any mmo game, the best part of Star Supremacy is player interaction. Players can form alliances between themselves. Star Supremacy has pvp features. Players can raid other colonies for resources or damage their buildings. Star Supremacy host regular events. Some of them happen only in certain days while others are available at any time. There is a cash shop where players can get certain advantages in exchange for real money. However, spending money will not guarantee a player’s success. Star Supremacy is a well balanced free mmo.

By Rachel Rosen


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