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Star Galaxy is a browser MMO developed and published by Square Enix. Star Galaxy has a sci fi theme. All adventures happen in space. The goal of a Star Galaxy player is to build and expand an empire and battle other players. Resources must be gathered and carefully spent. An empire can be extended by colonizing other Star Galaxy planets. Building is an important Star Galaxy feature as well. Massive PvP encounters will support up to 2,000 players fighting at the same time. Star Galaxy combat system is based on cards. After winning a Star Galaxy fight, troops earn XP and get to upgrade their abilities. One of the most intriguing features is how 2,000 players will fight a card based combat.

At the moment, there are 4 Star Galaxy factions. Each faction has a leader. Roy Bismark is the leader of Boldor Imperial army. He is a merciless ruler but has a very strategic mind. This choice of name may not be completely fictional. It can be a reference to Otto von Bismarck. He was Germany’s first chancellor and was nicknamed “chancellor of steel” for his authoritarian ways. Star Galaxy Bismark seems to be created using the real Bismarck as source of inspiration. Dia Vite is leading the Holy Knights of Selshion. This is a religious faction devoted to God. Tagel is in charge of an economic empire. Universe Trading Union is fighting the royal family for resource control. The Republic is a very hostile faction. The leader, Vivian has only war in mind. All Star Galaxy MMO factions have a distinct emblem. Two faction leaders are male characters and the other 2 are females. Players will decide which one of the 4 Star Galaxy factions they prefer. They enroll as commanders of a specific faction. Each player starts its Star Galaxy adventure as the ruler of a small planet. They must conquer other planets and defeat opponents.

Players fight each other but, they also can form Star Galaxy alliances for co-op gameplay. Star Galaxy is a free to play MMO. Players can access Star Galaxy any place, any time. Just like other browser RTS games, the latest Adobe Flash Player version and an active internet connection are the only requirements. Star Galaxy will be starting closed beta events soon. In order to take part in these events, players must register on Star Galaxy official website and patiently wait for an invite.

By Rachel Rosen

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