Soul of Guardian Merges to One Server For PvP Balance

By Michael Jamias
soul of guardian server merger

Soul of Guardian players now scattered across three servers will converge into a single server on August 8 with all rankings reset except for guild information.

All guilds will retain their guild levels, member rosters, assets and research level prior to the server merger, which should help PvP teams transition smoothly.

“The server merger is to promote a more competitive and balanced environment where PvP is more exciting. There will be more players available for dungeons and events after the merger, making the game even livelier and those who think they are unbeatable may meet rivals," said developer-operator WSGame.

Three reward events will also take place simultaneously to mark the server merger in the PvP-focused free online rpg.

The first reward event involves logging into Soul of Guardian. Longer play sessions will unlock better gear freebies, which include Flying Shoes, Legend Training Order, Flawless Magic Rune, Divine Magic Rune and level 60 Legend Equipment.

In the second event, prizes will be doled out to players with frequent Gold top-ups. While Soul of Guardian is a free online rpg, players can spend cash on Gold top-ups and spend the currency on in-game items. The rewards to be given out will be the same as those in the log-in event.

Lastly, PvP gladiators will receive Gold for winning in Arena fights. First, second and third rank will receive 1,500, 1,000 and 800 Gold, respectively. Fourth to 20th place finishers also get between 600 to 400 Gold each, which should come in handy when shopping for rare wares in the MMO.


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