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  • Soul of Guardian: quest

    Soul of Guardian: quest
    Soul of Guardian uses a very quest-dependent leveling system. You will automove from quest to quest as you level up....
    Soul of Guardian: quest

    Soul of Guardian: crit

    Soul of Guardian: crit
    Critical hits can, and will, 1 shot monsters at low level! Combat is straight forward at this level. In fact, you will automove to...
    Soul of Guardian: crit

    Soul of Guardian: skills

    Soul of Guardian: skills
    As you complete quests, you will unlock new skills to use in combat....
    Soul of Guardian: skills

    Soul of Guardian: mount

    Soul of Guardian: mount
    Here is our first mount. He lets us move a little faster. You unlock him after about 10 minutes of questing....
    Soul of Guardian: mount

Soul of Guardian is a free fantasy no download mmorpg published and developed by WSGame. Soul of Guardian is home to a massive variety of interesting MMORPG mechanics, from MMO regulars such as mounts and pets, to more innovative systems such as dragons slaying and fishing. There are plenty of activities in Soul of Guardian that will appeal to fans of both PvE and PvP content.

Soul of Guardian features four playable classes for players to choose from including Blade Warrior, Dagger Assassin, Hammer Judge and Spear Guard. Unlike other RPG games that require specific archetypes in order to survive, Soul of Guardian does away with the typical healer and tank approach and replaces it with a pure damage and survival system. Each class in Soul of Guardian has access to a variety of devastating abilities that can inflict huge amounts of damage on their enemies, creating fights that end with the most damage dealt, instead of who can heal the most or who has the most armor.

Another interesting aspect to Soul of Guardian is the Stone Guardian feature. The Stone Guardian feature works in a progressive manner, offering players intense PvE content that scales as they progress. To begin with, players are tasked with destroying a small amount of enemy monsters. Eventually leading up to massively intense boss fights featuring hundreds of enemies and a tough boss to kill. This feature is available throughout the day, making it a highly sought after activity so there's always players to join you in an attempt to complete all the levels on offer.

Soul of Guardian is filled with intense PvE combat scenarios, as well as attempting the Stone Guardian, players can also explore the deadly Treasure Island. Treasure Island is an area aimed at higher level players and is filled with hundreds of highly powerful monsters. Players with the skills and abilities to defeat the monsters on treasure island can expect some of the best rewards the game has to offer.

By Rachel Rosen


Soul of Guardian Merges to One Server For PvP Balance

Soul of Guardian players now scattered across three servers will converge into a single server on August 8 with all rankings reset...
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