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  • Skyrama: preparing

    Skyrama: preparing
    In order for your plane to fly you need to finish preparations and get enough passengers....
    Skyrama: preparing

    Skyrama: souvenirs

    Skyrama: souvenirs
    You can send your planes all around to world visiting other players and taking some souvenirs....
    Skyrama: souvenirs

    Skyrama: rewards

    Skyrama: rewards
    Getting a collection of different souvenirs will allow you to exchange them for awards....
    Skyrama: rewards

    Skyrama: lucky luggage

    Skyrama: lucky luggage
    Playing lucky luggage can grant you different stuff like passengers planes or additional buildings for your airport....
    Skyrama: lucky luggage

Skyrama is a unique, online strategy game that allows players to take control of their very own airport. Skyrama is another MMO title in the long line of Bigpoint games, backed by one of the biggest free to play browser MMO publishers today. Skyrama is constantly evolving, offering new content and updates.

Skyrama offers players total control over developing their own airport. You begin with 1 runway and a simple plane, with the goal of the game to expand to be one of the biggest airport destinations in the world. Players can fly to a large variety of other destinations throughout Europe, America and Africa, all offering different cargo routes and potential passengers. Players can expand their airport to include a large number of runways and planes, increasing the influence they have and the options of expansion. Players are not restricted to simple airport specific buildings, they can also add a large variety of amenities such as cafes, hotels and parking spaces.

Skyrama has a heavy focus on cooperative play, including many features that reward players for social interaction. Every player that has their own airport and planes can send their planes to their friends airports to collect passengers, or drop off cargo. Skyrama offers a variety of features that make socializing as simple as clicking 1 window, players have access to an extensive friends list, as well as an in-game global chat system. Making friends is vital to your airports success, adding more destinations and cargo options. Another nice little feature of the cooperative aspect of Skyrama is the ability to send a plane to your friends airports carrying a fly-by banner, increasing the popularity of their airport, which in turn, improves yours.

Players must be sure to stay on top of the daily tasks in Skyrama, ensuring you have empty runways ready for incoming passengers and cargo, and keeping your planes maintained and fueled. There's very few online airport simulation titles but Skyrama easily manages to be in the top 3, combining quality graphics with in-game socialization features and mechanics, creating a unique MMO experience.

By Rachel Rosen

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