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    Skylancer: faction
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    Skylancer: bazaar

    Skylancer: bazaar
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    Skylancer: bazaar

Skylancer: Battle for Horizon is a browser mmo, developed by Chimera Entertainment and brought to us by alaplaya mmo portal. Skylancer gameplay is similar to other browser games where players are in charge of a town or a colony. In Skylancer, you will govern over a flying island. It's like a breath of fresh air seeing other themes besides ancient Rome or Greece. The goal is to reach the Moon and discover powerful artifacts needed to save the world of Horizon. However, reaching the moon is no piece of cake. There are quests to be completed and enemies to be defeated in order to prove your worth. Your island will be in constant need of resources to improve buildings. There are several ways to get resources in Skylancer and players must explore them all.

Skylancers (playable characters in Skylancer) can be part of one of the 3 factions. The Empire is a military faction and their army is the most feared one in the world of Horizon. The Alliance faction believes in a free world where each man shapes his own destiny. The Renegades are an anarchic faction. Just like the Alliance, the Renegades strive for freedom but they don't believe in rules or in an organized structure. Each Skylancer will rule the island according to its faction laws. The Empire Skylancers are military commandants. Islands with Alliance Skylancers are democratic organizations. Crew and citizens on islands ruled by Renegades will follow the leader as long as they agree with his decisions. Military force is an important aspect on all islands. Troops serve for invading and for defending islands. A Skylancer will have more types of units under its command. An island doesn't need just military troops but also workers and citizens. Skylancer mmo troops are most varied ranging from zombies and voodoo priestesses to brewmasters or sea serpents. Each unit has a special skill.

Buildings are another aspect of Skylancer free mmo that cannot be neglected. Their type and upgrade level will determine resource and unit production. The sawmill, quarry and farm will provide wood, stone and food. The temple, lair and fortress are used to train units. There are several continents in the world of Horizon. Each one has a different theme and blends fantasy and exotic settings. You don't have to be a hardcore player to succeed in Skylancer. It has a tutorial where everything is nicely explained so new players won't feel a lack of direction. When players gain enough skill and experience, they can develop strategies to enjoy various Skylancer game styles.

By Rachel Rosen

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