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Silkroad Web is a browser MMO developed and published by Joymax Co. There are currently 2 Silkroad RPGs: Silkroad Online and Silkroad R. Silkroad Web is the browser version of Silkroad free MMO. Silkroad fans are no longer tied to a computer. They can experience their favorite game anywhere they like as long as they have an internet connection. Silkroad Web is set in the Silkroad world. Silkroad Web players will travel the Silkroad, meet ancient Eastern and Western worlds and become skilled fighters and merchants. However, the Silkroad is not a safe route for trading caravans. Players must protect their cargos. With such riches at stake, battles for Silkroad dominance are something normal. The landscapes are varied. On their way to the destination point, Silkroad Web traders pass lush forests and sand covered zones.

Players will encounter 3 Silkroad Web opposing forces. Templars fight an ongoing war to claim the lands they think they’re rightfully theirs. Arab nations have the advantage of home territory. Their scientific discoveries facilitate their trading and military expeditions. These 2 factions are close to each other so battles are very frequent. The third Silkroad Web power is China. The Chinese military forces are overwhelmed with barbarian raids. This is the historical setting that will be explored by Silkroad Web players. Although not 100% accurate, Silkroad Web story is pretty close to the reality of those times. The Silkroad was a real trading route connecting distant parts of the ancient world. This is the perfect setting for players to step into Silkroad Web fantasy world and strive to make a change. They start as modest rulers but, if they possess the skills and the wits, they can control the most important trading route. To be the ultimate hero, you must learn to differentiate friends from foes. Player interaction is a key aspect of any MMO game.

Fortress battles are massive encounters between Silkroad Web players. Gamers of different factions compete for base control. Those who dominate the battlefield will get significant rewards. Each one of the 3 alliances has its own quest stories and home area. Skills also differ. Silkroad Web is a free to play MMO that lets players experience different types of gameplay. Every Silkroad Web feature is designed with convenience in mind. The user interface is very intuitive and easy to navigate. New players will get used to it in no time. The graphics are well polished. The battles take place in real time. Best Silkroad Web players get ranked and rewarded.

By Rachel Rosen

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