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  • Shakes and Fidget: char

    Shakes and Fidget: char
    Let's start by creating our hero. We're feeling like a gnomish mage today....
    Shakes and Fidget: char

    Shakes and Fidget: quest

    Shakes and Fidget: quest
    Head to the inn to get your first quest. Make sure to talk to everyone if you need more quests....
    Shakes and Fidget: quest

    Shakes and Fidget: stat

    Shakes and Fidget: stat
    As you level up, you will get extra stat points to specialize your character. It costs money to do this so save some coin!...
    Shakes and Fidget: stat

    Shakes and Fidget: fight

    Shakes and Fidget: fight
    You do not control fights so watch the show. If you lose, it may be time to find an easier quest....
    Shakes and Fidget: fight

Shakes and Fidget is a unique, free no download MMORPG that provides players with a large selection of great MMORPG features, combined with a highly humorous script and game setting. Shakes and Fidget is available as a free to play title and doesn't require any client downloads, allowing players to jump straight into the action.

Shakes and Fidget  includes 8 playable races for your character, including MMORPG favorites such as Orcs, Dark Elves, and Dwarves. Each race is unique in appearance and all of them offer players the opportunity to edit their character extensively before entering the game world. Once you're in the Shakes and Fidget world you can explore your surroundings using a simple point and click system, visiting various areas around town, and even exploring outside the town gates.

As with all MMORPG games, Shakes and Fidget has a heavy emphasis on questing, but with a unique twist. Instead of running around searching for quest givers, players can simply visit the tavern and sit at the bar. Throughout the day a large number of NPC characters visit the tavern, sharing their woes over a drink. You can choose to help all of the troubled citizens, or maybe just the ones you find with the funniest missions, the choice is yours. Each quest provides players with a different challenge and promises a large variety of expensive rewards.

Other interesting aspects of Shakes and Fidget are the dungeon and arena systems. Dungeons are delivered in a similar way to other MMORPG titles, players enter a dungeon and defeat various creatures with the hopes of claiming the final prize. Arena offers players the PvP of the game, challenging enemy characters to a duel to the death, with experience points, gold and even rare items as a possible reward.

Highly appealing MMORPG mechanics and features, combined with some of the most comedic lines ever seen in an MMO title, make Shakes and Fidget one of the freshest browser MMO experiences on the internet.

By Rachel Rosen

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