Shadowland Online officially launches to the dread of the undead

By Michael Jamias
shadowland online official launch

Shadowland Online players can now assemble their mighty armies and vanquish the undead legions plaguing the free-to-play strategy browser mmo.

Shadowland Online is set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy nightmare where the evil Ossanal successfully led a zombie zerg into God’s continent and left all but three races to survive.

“Scattered refugees in their own land, the humans found a fragment of the long lost Eloi gem and a fragment of the long lost Eloi gem of the Elfen fairies, and harnessed its power to construct the Gate of Ages, a portal which allowed the humans to search far and wide across time and space to obtain additional Eloi fragments and legendary heroes to empower their forces against the encroaching Ossanal,” said GameSamba, the developer and publisher behind Shadowland Online and several other free browser games.

To survive in Shadowland Online, players must form strategic alliances with other players and even travel through time to recruit legendary heroes like Hannibal and Spartacus to crush enemy alliances and conquer the invaders.

Shadowland Online mashes together various strategy elements – from empire building to strategic warfare to diplomacy – as well as the social component of teaming up with other online players to ensure your full control over a region against undead invaders and other alliances. There are also mini games such as farming mining and exploration that tie into the social features of the newly launched MMORPG.


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