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    Shadowland Online: group
    Pick the group that sounds most interesting to you when starting Shadowland Online....
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    Shadowland Online: taxes
    Remember to levy taxes to earn extra income....
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    Shadowland Online: formation
    Pick from one of 8 formations and arrange your heroes within the formation....
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    Shadowland Online: combat
    Shadowland Online uses turn based combat. You do not control your heroes during an actual fight....
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Shadowland Online is a free to play, social-based strategy game that uses a unique combination of real-life history and fantasy, to deliver a high quality MMORPG experience. Shadowland Online is set on God's Continent, a post-apocalyptic world where humans have been pushed to the brink of extinction by Ossanal and his undead army of liches.

One of the more notable features of Shadowland Online is the hero system. Similar to other MMO RTS games, players can recruit strong units called Heroes, these units can be upgraded after earning experience points through questing and combat. They can also have their stats boosted by purchasing a number of items such as weapons and armor. Unlike other MMORTS games that just use generic heroes that you've never heard of, Shadowland Online boasts a number of iconic characters from both history and fables, including Leonidas, Genghis Khan and King Arthur, all of which bring their own special abilities and techniques to the battlefield.

Another feature unique to Shadowland Online is the time traveling option. Each kingdom has access to a Gate of Ages, a personal portal that is capable of throwing you through time to travel to different eras in history. This is the main method that players use to recruit historical heroes, travel to the far reaches of eastern and western history to gather one of the strongest armies in all of time. As well as traveling through time to recruit unique heroes, players can also recruit additional units such as the legendary Spartan forces or the historical Phalanx troops. Build your army and destroy everything that threatens the once beautiful world of God's Continent.

The constant onslaught from other players and the evil inhabitants of God's Continent may be a little too much for one player to handle, so you can join or form your own alliance. Alliances open up a whole new area of strategy in Shadowland Online with each alliance having access to their own custom emblem, as well as having access to a unique wage system that rewards their loyal members.

By Rachel Rosen


Shadowland Online officially launches to the dread of the undead

Shadowland Online players can now assemble their mighty armies and vanquish the undead legions plaguing the free-to-play strategy ...
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