Seven Seas Saga servers set sail

By Tam Mageean
seven seas saga launch

Avast! Lekool, publisher of browser-launched MMO's such as; Call of Gods, Odin Quest and Crystal Saga, has announced that there's a new officer on deck. Ready your canons, because Seven Seas Saga's server launches today at 7pm PST. This pirate-themed RPG (or ARRRRRPG, if you're a pirate) will allow you to weigh your anchors and set sail across the Mediterranean Sea, and unleash your inner buccaneer onto an unsuspecting Medieval Europe.

Reminiscent of sea roving classics like Sid Meier's Pirates and Overboard!, Seven Seas Saga will allow you to customize your vessels, hire and delegate crews, trade, plunder, battle and treasure-hunt your way to become master marauder of the high seas.

The piratey mmorpg promises; Daily and Weekly Story Quests, a comprehensive ship-building system, famous fictional ships and enemies from briny sailor folklore and history, and a good-looking and fluid interface to command your raids and robberies from.

Seven Seas Saga screenshot

Along with the server launch comes an enhanced guild system; with guilds, associations and country contributions keeping the rogue factions hungry for war.

Depending on your choice of ships, and how you configure them, you can dominate the waters by cannon or by cargo; the choice is yours.

So what kind of tyrant will you be? Plunderer or Peacekeeper? Check out Seven Seas Saga on Lekool's homepage and let us know in the comments below!


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